36 South Plains College athletes named to WJCAC All-Academic Team

36 South Plains College athletes named to WJCAC All-Academic Team

The Western Junior College Athletic Conference has announced the All-Academic Team for the Fall 2018 semester, with 36 athletes from South Plains College earning academic honors.

The WJCAC All-Academic Team is an inclusive honor for all sports, recognizing student-athletes with a grade point average of 3.25 (2nd team) to a 3.64 – 4.0 (1st team).

Congratulations to all of the athletes from South Plains College who were named to the WJCAC All-Academic Team:


Women's basketball:

Reilly Dunn (1st team)

Gabbie Green (2nd team)

Chantel Govan (2nd team)

Caroline Germond (2nd team)

Romola Dominguez (2nd team)


Men's basketball:

Trevin Wade (2nd team)

Christian Wilson (2nd team)

Jonah Antonio (2nd team)

Trey Wade (2nd team)


Women's track & field/cross country:

Alyssa Hernandez (1st team)

Akira Phillips (1st team)

Kodee Scott (1st team)

Ruth Usoro (1st team)

Dorcus Ewoi (2nd team)

Patrice Moody (2nd team)

Rocio Ramirez (2nd team)

Angela Rodriguez (2nd team)  


Men's track & field/cross country:

Donnis Blue (1st team)

Justin Dean (1st team)

Bryson Deberry (1st team)

Riley Finnegan (1st team)

Rylan Olguin (1st team)

Andrew Bosquez (2nd team)

Bryce Francis (2nd team)

Brandon Letts (2nd team)

Bryce Spencer (2nd team)

Denny Whymns (2nd team)


Women's rodeo:

Delaney Kunau (1st team)

Carley Christian (2nd team)

Kelby Keeley (2nd team)

Shaylynne Raymore (2nd team)


Men's rodeo:

Hadley Cloward (1st team)

Hayden Cloward (1st team)

Colton McCarley (1st team)

Logan Kenline (2nd team)

Logan Wiseman (2nd team)